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New products introduce

New products introduce


1. L2032B indoor matting agent, physical type, breakthrough in matting effect.


In the past, it was difficult for physical matting agent to produce dead matt powder.Chemical and semi-chemical matting agents are usually used for dead gloss. L2032B, as a physical matting agent, can produce 3% dead gloss,which is a great progress.Dosage 4-6%.


2. L2037 indoor matting agent, used with 70 / 30 polyester.


In 70 / 30 system, because the ratio of polyester and epoxy is 70/30, less epoxy is used, matting is always a difficulty. L2037 matting agent has a breakthrough in 70/30 polyester system, with a minimum of gloss 3%,and gloss is adjustable.Direct/indirect impact is 50kgs, with smooth surface.


3. C68 indoor matting agent, low temperature curing & matting, can curing with minimum 150℃.


Matting and low-temperature curing is contradictory. Usually,we can’t get good matting effect with low temperature curing,vice versa.C68 can achieve good matting effect with low-temperature curing, produce gloss 2% at 150 ℃ X 30mins,with good mechanical properties, good baking stability, little change of gloss in cold oven baking, and little interference by other systems.


4.L2012 outdoor matting agent, new progress of HAA matting.


HAA matting is a difficult point. Our company's L2012 outdoor matting agent, outdoor HAA system, dosage is 3-5%, can achieve 20% gloss for black color,minimum 30% gloss for white color,and the stability is good.


5.L2018A outdoor matting agent, greatly improved in storage stability


Storage stability is one of the difficulties of this kind of matting agent.L2018A has great improvement in storage performance.The gloss of the finished powder does not change at 50 ℃ for 84 hours, matting effect is good both in black color and white color.


6. G570 acrylic matting resin has the lowest gloss among all matting agent.


The biggest feature of G570 acrylic matting resin is that it can be made into a very low matting. In the domestic similar products, only G570 can achieve gloss 1%, and others can only achieve about 3% gloss.


7. Texturing agent L121,L122,L123


These three texture agents are all moire or leather texture effects, characterized by one-time extrusion,without external mixing, among which L122 and L123 are our creative products.


It should be noted that each product may only be suitable for a certain need or solve a certain problem, but it can not be universally applicable and flawless.


If you have this need, or you want to try the effect and make some technical reserves when you are free, we can provide samples for you. The samples are free of charge. We hope to get your feedback on the results so that we can improve and perfect them continuously. Thank you!

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