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Mechanism of action of 501 energizer

Mechanism of action of 501 energizer


Technical data

Dual - effect oneness -- mechanism of action of 501 energizer

501 electrifier is a specially designed cationic type electrifier with polar groups, which can significantly improve the powdery loading rate and overcome the Faraday effect in the spraying process. The action mechanism of 501 electrifier can be divided into two aspects:

One of the effects of 501 is to make powder particles more charged. There is a strong electric field in the area from the high-pressure electrostatic gun to the workpiece, and the air is ionized to produce billions of ions. The cationic powder particles with polar group 501 electrifier are polarized as they pass through this area, which can capture more negative ions and carry more charge. For such parts as groove dead Angle due to the faladi effect force line (or electric field) is weak, then the powder particles with more charge can reach the surface of the workpiece by their own force, thus improving the powder on these parts.

Action 501 bis: can significantly reduce the resistance of powder particles. As we know, the workpiece in powder spraying requires good grounding, which is to make the charge on the surface of the workpiece better transfer and flow away, while the 501 energizer can significantly reduce the powder resistance value, so that the charge on the powder particles can be removed more easily and faster.

Why use an energizer for powder now

Now powder coating competition has been from their own performance to the construction of performance, if the powder on the powder fast powder rate high groove corner is easy to powder, no doubt is the powder factory and spray gun most like, such powder in competition than others have more advantages. At the same time, the price of materials is rising more, some factories in order to reduce the cost of adding more fillers, the addition of electric agent can make up for the negative impact of more fillers on the powder.

Usage and dosage: add in premix, the dosage is 0.1-0.3% of the total formula.

501 galvanizer is packed in polyethylene lined kraft paper bags of 25 kg net each.

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