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L517 Anti-yellowing Agent


L517 Anti-yellowing Agent


L517 anti-yellowing agent is also called antioxidant. It can capture and neutralize the free radicals produced by light, heat and oxygen in the powder coating. It can effectively prevent the thermal oxidation degradation during the long-term aging process of the coating and prevent oxidation And the yellowing phenomenon.

1. Technical Parameters

Appearance white powder or crystal
Volatile content ≤ 1% 

2. Dosage & Use Method

● Used for all kinds of powder coating. It works better with UV absorber.

● Dosage: 0.1-0.3%. Mixed with other materials and extruded.

3. Product Features

● Has good compatibility, does not affect other properties of the powder

● Can improve the yellowing resistance of resin and some pigments

● Prevent oxidative yellowing when powder coating long term exposures to air or high temperature, improving weathering resistance.

4. Package & Storage

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