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L502A Hardening Agent


L502A Hardening Agent


L502 hardening agent is a kind of modified polyethylene wax with high hardness. It can float to the surface of the coating to form a protective film during the baking and curing process of the powder, improve surface hardness and anti-scratch property .

1. Technical Parameters

Appearance white powder 
Melting Point  105-115℃
Density  0.9~0.95

2. Dosage & Use Method

● Used for all kinds of powder coating. 

● Dosage: 0.5%. Mixed with other materials and extruded.

3. Product Features

● Improve surface hardness. Does not affect leveling. 

● Improve the anti-scratch ability of coating.

● Don’t need to add wax powder additionally.

4. Package & Storage

Kraft paper bag (polyethylene liner). Net weight: 25kg/bag. Store in cool and dry place. Keep away from fire and heat sources.


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