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L308 Metal Brightener


L308 Metal Brightener


Used to produce high-gloss mirror silver powder


L308 metal brightener is also called aluminum powder directional alignment agent,it makes the aluminum powder float to the coating surface and arrange regularly, so as to increase the reflection and increase the gloss.

1. Technical Parameters

Appearancewhite powder
Volatile content≤ 0.5%

2. Dosage & Use Method

●  Dosage: 0.5-1%. Mixed with other materials and extruded. 

●  Suitable for all kinds of high-gloss silver powder

3. Product Features

●  The dispersibility and orientation of gold and silver powder or pearlescent powder in the powder were obviously improved.

●  Significantly improve the gloss of metallic powder (electroplating) and surface smoothness, which can also help to eliminate fingerprints. 

●  It reduces the dosage of aluminum powder and significantly reduces the cost.

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