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L2035 Indoordead gloss matting hardener


L2035 Indoordead gloss matting hardener


Low gloss, good matting effect


The greatest advantage of L2035 are: firstly, the gloss can be low 5%,with excellent matting effect, suitable for dead gloss powder coating; secondly, widely selectivity of polyester, can get good matting result in most 50/50 polyester system.

1. Technical Parameters

AppearanceLight yellow to white powder ( Visual )
Bulk density [g/l]400-500
Solid content [ %]≥98.5 %

2. Product Features

L2035 is suitable for 50/50 polyester system, 1 part matting agent will react with 2.5parts of epoxy, please make sure the curing ratio is matching when design formulation.

● Dosage is 3-5% , should not exceed 5%.
● Surface is delicate, anti-yellowing.
● Baking temperature is 190℃×15mins.

● It can get perfect matting effect in 50/50 polyester system, and also good on some 60/40 polyester.

3. Dosage & Use Method

3-5% by weight of total formula, should not exceed 5%,mix with other materials and extrude. Through extruder extrusion, please control the extrusion temperature uniformity, gloss decreases with the increase of the dosage.


Reference formulation:


Raw material12
50/50 Polyester21.5--
60/40 Polyester--25.8
L88 Leveling Agent11
L701 Gloss Enhancer11
L307 Benzoin0.50.5
Titanium Dioxide+Barium Sulfate3737
L2035 Matting Agent55

Extrude Temperature100-110℃100-110℃
Baking Condition190*15mins190*15mins
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