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L117 Outdoor crocodile agent


L117 Outdoor crocodile agent


Produce outdoor crocodile with big and strong three-dimentional texture


L117 Wrinkle Finish Agent( outdoor) is a sulfonic acid catalyst, which can make the surface of the polyurethane coating shrink strongly to form crocodile patterns of different sizes. Compared with indoor wrinkle finish agent, the outdoor crocodile pattern is larger, more obvious and stable.

1. Applications

React with hydroxyl polyester to obtain outdoor crocodile texture.

2. Use Method and Dosage

● L117 outdoor wrinkle finish agent should be used in combination with hydroxyl polyester and curing agent 1174.

● Dosage is 0.6-1% of total formula amount, mixed with other material and extrude.

● Filler quantity should be small or don’t add for big pattern.

● Dry blend turtle shell agent L118 can make pattern more coherent, easy to spray.

● It has selectivity to hydroxy polyester. From the perspective of the polyester we tested, Kinte 7805 and Chan Sieh 1000H are more suitable.


Reference formula:


Big texture sizeMedium texture sizeRemarks
Hydroxyl Polyester8060Chan Sieh 1000H、Kinte 7805
Ultrafine Barium930.6More filler, smaller texture size
Less filler, bigger texture size
Curing Agent L11746.44.8Dosage is 8% of polyester
Texture Modifier L117333Dosage is 3% of total formula
Wrinkle Finish Agent L1170.60.6Dosage is 0.6-1% of total formula

Turtle shell agent L1180.20%0.20%

Dry blending, can make texture more coherent, easy to

spray but smaller texture size.

Extruding Temperature120-130℃

Extruding temperature should be 10 ℃ higher than usual,

well mixing will obtain better extrusion effect

Baking Temperature210℃×15min
Thickness100umBig texture size , spray thicker
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