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L107 Indoor crocodile agent


L107 Indoor crocodile agent


Obtain texture like wrinkle, moire, sand


L107 wrinkle finish agent,also known as water grain texture agent, is a metal-organic complex with a strong curing accelerating effect. It is mainly used to produce wrinkle finish powder, matting of powder coatings,and can also be used to produce powder coatings of sand texture, wrinkle, and moire.

1. Technical Parameters

AppearanceLight yellow powder  (Visual)  
Melting Point192—197℃
Solid Content ≥98.5 %

2. Product Features

ItemFormula 1Formula 2Remarks
Polyester05Small dosage of polyester can make the texture larger,6/4 polyester is ok.
L107 Wrinkle Finish Agent32Dosage can be reduced to 2
Dicyandiamide33Dosage is 4-5% of epoxy
Pigment+Filler3420Texture will be more remarkable with the dosage goes up,vise versal.
L88 Leveling Agent0.20.2Add small amount of leveling agent to eliminate pitting and bright spots.
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