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Improved florescent agent 101B

Improved florescent agent 101B


Below is an enlarged version of the improved florescent and the original florescent:

Enlarged drawing of improved florescent agent (model 101B)

Original 101 floating flower agent magnification

From the figure, we can see that the improved florescent agent 101B has a strong effect, with a strong concave and convex sense and a strong stereoscopic sense. The concave area is relatively deep and large, but the bottom is not exposed. The original florescent agent 101 is not deep and not big.

Therefore, the improvement of florescent agent 101B has the following advantages:

1. 101B make wrinkles convex sense of strong stereo sense, suitable for indoor and outdoor all kinds of powder coating.

2. No matter how thin or thick the spray can be out of the grain, overcome the previous spray spray spray spray spray with a small hole on the thickness of the grain becomes flat, as well as the thickness of different texture difference between the shortcomings.

3. Hot and cold furnace are good striation, heating up fast heating up slow are good striation, overcome the former cold furnace and heating up slowly no striation and pitting holes.

4. Thin workpiece thick workpiece are good grain, overcome the previous thick workpiece without grain shortcomings.

5. Add small amount, add 0.1%-0.2%, wrinkles are better and even.

6. Another advantage of 101B is its stable quality and ease of use.

If you are not strong in the use of florescent agent in the process of three-dimensional, thick workpiece no lines, no lines in the cold furnace, you can consider using our improved model 101B florescent agent.

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