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216 Accelerator test report

216 Accelerator test report


1. Instructions

Previous old promoter varieties such as 2 - methyl imidazole, ring amidine has good promotion effect, but there are easy yellowing effect flow equal disadvantages, 216 is a comprehensive performance comparison wuhan silver color company excellent promoters, rarely can add quantity to have the obvious effect, and no yellowing does not affect the flow flat, mixed type, pure polyester powder can be used. In order to better understand the characteristics of this accelerator, we conducted a series of tests to provide a reference for powder factories.

2. Specific test results

Effect of accelerant dosage on the time of convection and gelation (mixed powder).

216 accelerant dosage0.10%0.20%0.30%0.40%0.50%
Gel time120"100908065
Flow flatThere was no significant difference between 5 samples
Yellow degenerationThere is no obvious difference in the color of 5 samples

It can be seen from the test results that with the increase of the dosage of 216 accelerators, the gelation time is continuously shortened, and the leveling and color are not affected.

When 216 was applied to pure polyester powder, the gelatinization time decreased faster. When 0.5% was added, the gelatinization time was 1/3 of that without the promoter, indicating that 216 was more effective for pure polyester powder.

216 the influence of accelerators on the baking temperature and time, the test should find out the lowest temperature and the lowest baking time under the premise that the mechanical properties are not affected and the different dosage. The results are as follows:

The dosage is 0.15%, which can be reduced from 180 ° 15 minutes to 160 ° 10 minutes.

Add 0.1-0.3%, can achieve 150 degrees 30 minutes of curing.

Add 0.4-0.5%, can achieve 140 degrees 35 minutes of curing, or 150 degrees 25 minutes of curing.

3. 216 application of accelerators

(1) can be used on each powder, reduce the curing temperature, shorten the curing time, to enhance the competitiveness of our powder. If other powder manufacturers are 180 degrees and 15 minutes of curing, our powder is 160 degrees and 10 minutes of curing, so it has a great competitive advantage. The recommended dosage is 0.15%.

(2) if the output of powder spraying plant increases to speed up the speed of powder spraying line, we can add 216 accelerators, so that the powder spraying plant does not need to raise the temperature, the baked coating mechanical properties are not affected.

(3) transfer powder add 216 accelerators, can speed up the curing and curing complete, conducive to tearing paper.

(4) adding 216 accelerators to wrinkle powder, the texture is better and the concave and convex feeling is stronger.

(5) low temperature curing, the mixed powder does not change the original formula, add a small amount of 216 promoter, can achieve 150 degrees or 140 degrees low temperature curing.

4. Precautions

Manufacturers in the polyester production feeding polyester generally add promoter, in order to promote polyester and epoxy or polyester TGIC and curing reaction, 216 is in the powder production are added as accelerator, if add polyester manufacturer itself has enough promoter, then do powder add promoter will have no effect or both conflicts, therefore passes through the experiment to determine whether need to add the promoter, as well as add quantity. From our experimental test results, it can be seen that most of the polyester adding 216 has obvious promotion effect, while a few of the polyester adding 216 has a poor effect.

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