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Basic Components Of Matting Agents

Wuhan Yincai Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 11, 2017

(a) Delusterant chemical fiber production in the application of an auxiliary, added to the polymer fiber after spinning, can improve the fiber surface too strong optical reflection, the name extinction agent. The principle of extinction is that the refractive index of the extinction agent differs greatly from the refractive index of the fiber-forming polymer, and the fiber which is spun after the addition of the light can be eliminated by scattering of the incident ray, which reduces the transparency and increases the whiteness. Chemical fiber production of commonly used matting agent for titanium dioxide (TiO2), particle size <1μm, according to different extinction requirements, the addition of matting agent can be between 0.03% ~ 4%.

(ii) Duller; The matting agent makes the surface of paint film produce a kind of coating additive which has the desired roughness and obviously reduced its surface gloss. Extinction agent is a very fine suspension of the dispersion in the coating, the film when the suspension is distributed on the surface of the film, the film surface to reduce the specular reflectance, forming a rough surface to achieve extinction. The main varieties have metal soap, wax, as well as functional body pigments such as diatomite, synthetic silica. For the preparation of a variety of matte paint.

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