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What is the use of silicone vulcanizing agent

Wuhan Yincai Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 11, 2017

Silicone curing agent, containing the main ingredient is double 25; We no matter what kind of vulcanizing agent it is, its ultimate aim is to add the component to the silica gel inside mix evenly after adding the mold into the temperate curing molding.

Silicone curing agent is mainly silica gel in a certain condition vulcanization of a product, silicone does not add vulcanizing agent can not be made, so to make silicone, vulcanizing agent is a necessity, there are many kinds of vulcanizing agent, for different products and customer demand is different, vulcanizing agent is not the same, do a good factory will be based on customer demand slicing finer, so targeted, reduce the cost of customers at the same time, so that the product effect to achieve the best.

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