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What is a brightener?

Wuhan Yincai Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 31, 2017

Gentle agent is a class of paint additives, the role is to reduce the surface roughness of the paint and increase gloss.

A kind of paint auxiliaries that can reduce the surface roughness of the paint and increase the gloss. According to its principle is divided into wetting, leveling and silicone system type. Organic amine derivatives and nonionic surfactants are wetting type brightener, used for latex paint. High boiling point of the real solvent is leveling type brightener, and baking varnish system is excellent, degassing Ye Hao. Silicone or silicone modified polymers belong to the silicone system, in the air dry paint, polyurethane paint, epoxy paint, water-based paint, baking paint and other coatings have been applied.

L701 Gloss Enhancer For Powder Coating

L701 Gloss Enhancer for Powder Coating


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