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Vulcanizing Agent

Wuhan Yincai Technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 11, 2017

The vulcanizing agent can make the rubber molecule chain crosslinking reaction, make the linear molecule form the stereoscopic net structure, the plasticity reduces, the elastomer strength increases the material. In addition to some thermoplastic rubber does not require vulcanization, natural rubber and a variety of synthetic rubber need to be equipped with vulcanizing agent for vulcanization. After vulcanization, rubber has valuable value, and the mechanical properties are greatly improved. Vulcanizing agent applicable to all kinds of natural rubber and synthetic rubber, according to the needs of different vulcanizing agent varieties can be used.

Silicone rubber and rubber and other special rubber, as an auxiliary vulcanizing agent, can significantly improve the association performance, improve heat resistance, suitable for high-temperature vulcanization system, reduce compression permanent deformation is very obvious, but also can reduce the amount of peroxide, to prevent the rubber material in the process of burning, improve the rubber and curtain line and metal bonding strength.

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