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Functional Agents

L309 Anti-scratch Agent for Metallic Powder in Powder Coating

L309 Anti-scratch Agent for Metallic Powder in Powder Coating

Anti-wear Agent L309 

It is a kind of high wear-resistant wax synthesized by Sasol wax. It has the properties of improving the surface hardness, anti-scratch, wear-resistance, blocking resistance, polishing resistance and smoothness 

1.Technical parameters 

Appearance: white round beads or flakes 
Melting point: 116-125° C 
Density: ≈0.96 


Used for all kinds of thermosetting powder coatings. 

3.Use method 

Dosage: 0.5-1%. Mixed with other materials and extruded. 

4.Product characteristics 

1. Modified high density polyethylene wax, improves coating smooth and surface hardness. 
2. Good scratch resistance performance on the coated surface. Don’t affect gloss. 
3. Good anti-wear resistance, easy to scrub and not easy to leave fingerprints 


Store in cool and dry place. Keep away from fire and heat sources. Seal the package after operation. 


Kraft paper bag (polyethylene liner). Net weight: 25kg/bag 

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