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Curing Agents

Hardener Agent Powder Coating

A100 Curing Agent(β-HAA Hardener ) 

Non-toxic, Substitute of TGIC  

A100 is a hydroxyalkylamide crosslinker. As a substitute of TGIC,it is suitable for curing with carboxyl-terminated polyester or acrylic resin to provide exterior durable powder coatings(Due to the toxicity of TGIC, many countries already banned on using TGIC and Chinese Gov. is drafting regulation for restrict to use TGIC either). 

1. Technical parameters 

Appearance:White powder or granular solid 
Melting point:120-125℃ 
Hydroxyl equivalent:80-84 
Volatile content:<0.5% 

2. Application 

Provide TGIC-free based exterior durable powder coatings 

3. Use method & Characteristics 

1, Mixed with other materials and extruded. Recommend to design formula by special polyester resin with acid value 22mg KOH/g, dosage 5%; for special polyester resin with acid value 34mg KOH/g, dosage 6%. 
2, Non-toxic compared with TGIC,A100 can be used in exterior durable powder coatings with non-toxic, non-irritant to skin and safety to human body. 
3, Low temperature curing property, typical cure temperatures range from 160 to180℃ 
4, A100 can enhance charging properties so that powder can obtain better transfer efficiency. 
5, Due to the activation energy of HAA, we suggest using special polyester for HAA to obtain excellent flow. 
6, Adding 1% of our specific degassing agent can eliminate pinholes. 

4. Storage 

Keep in cool place, keep away from fire. Seal the package after operation. 

5. Packaging 

Polyethylene lined multiply paper bag. Net weight: 25kg/bag. 

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